M.I.A. Apologies

Ello ello,

I'm very sorry for being M.I.A. I know I kept promising I would get working on "From the Black." So much has happened in the last year and writing was not a top priority. Among what has happened includes:

1. Depression and loss of interest in everything.

2. Death of one of our dogs (you may have already read that post)

3. A job lay off.

4. Family struggles (ill mother-in-law and grandfather who is not doing well).

5. Struggling to find another job that I can be happy with.

6. Beating back the inner demons telling me I can't write and no one will like my story.

7. Getting passed the silly anxiety I created about editing "From the Black." My beta readers provided phenomenal feedback. Due to their feedback, I needed to rewrite some parts completely and add additional scenes. It was challenging while keeping the heart of the story. I think it will be better now.

The last year has been a struggled, but I'm still here. "From the Black" will be published. I will provide an actual time frame and then date as soon as I get a better idea of when it will be released.

For now, please know that I'm almost done doing the post-beta reader editing. I only have 4 more chapters to go. Once that is done, I will be sending it to some people to review and edit for me. While they are editing, I'm going to be reaching out to my cover artist to finalize the cover image. I hope he is not too busy *Fingers crossed.*

I'm excited that I'm getting closer to publishing this book. Super excited. I hope you are too.

I would like to just drop this teaser here. Enjoy!



P.S. If the teaser image is too difficult to see here, please check out my Facebook page. It may be bigger there.

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