This is hard. This is very hard. I haven't edited "From the Black" in over a week. I haven't been mentally capable of writing or editing. Depression has struck harder than I ever experienced before. There are two very prominent issues at the base of this depression pyramid. There are a myriad of other smaller issues that make up the rest of that pyramid. I tried to hide it, to act normal, put on the happy face for as long as possible. It's not possible any longer. 

I'm seeking professional help and I have support from family and a handful of friends. It will be a long road until full recovery. Right now one day at a time is too hard, so I'm just doing one moment at a time. My emotions are in a free-fall spiral / roller coaster daily. I'm sorry to those who have to put up with the craziness of me right now. I'm sure they will get whiplash with how up and down and hot and cold I am. I'm sorry.

I won't be going into details right now. Possibly later.  

I'm still aiming for an October release, but right now my focus is getting back to being me. If an October release isn't possible, that's okay. "From the Black" will be released when it's ready. I'll post an update when I can. I appreciate your support, your positive thoughts, and your prayers. 

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