Editing is Done! At Least... For Now.

This past Thursday, I had set a goal for myself to be done with editing "From the Black" by this coming Tuesday at the latest. I'm so excited to say that editing is done 2 days early! "From the Black" is off to the beta readers who will have 3 weeks to review the story and provide any feedback they have for me. I don't know whether I'm more excited or more nervous right now.

While they have "From the Black" I intend to work on the sequel. I have plenty of ideas thanks to my muse who believed it was a riot to provide so loads of images and ideas to me around 1 and 2 am last night regarding the sequel.

Also, during that time frame, I am working with an incredible artist for the cover art. I'm over-the-moon about his work and look forward to see what he can come up with.

Once I receive "From the Black" back from my betas, I will be carefully reviewing their feedback and making any changes that need to be made. Can't wait to hear what they think!

The girl below is the epitome of how I feel right now with just making this progress.

Until next time!


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