The Struggle is Real

So here I am blazing through editing chapters when I stumble across a huge chunk of the language I made up. I recall that in editing a previous chapter with this created language, some letters did not match so the translation was not correct.

Me: *Starts working on editing the huge chunk of the language.*

Me: *Half way through editing the section of made up language* Why did I do this to myself?

Me: Because it is really neat.

Me: But it's a pain to edit.

Me: but it's really neat.

Me: Alright alright. I get the picture. *Goes back to editing.*

Also, I am now on Twitter! Woo hoo! You will have to forgive me as I am a bit of a noobcake when it comes to Twitter @AriaDegray. I know. I'm sure I can figure it out. Back to making mischief... I mean.. editing.

#thestruggleisreal #madeuplanguage #editing

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