Optimal Writing Atmosphere

It's interesting how different people are in general. I find it fascinating how right something can be for someone but how wrong it can be for someone else. Take writing for example. I know some authors need silence. Not a peep to be heard. That's not me. In fact. That would drive me bonkers. My preferred writing atmosphere includes:

- Dimly lit

- A candle burning

- Music playing (doesn't matter if its instrumental or not.)

- Some type of caffeinated beverage near by

The music has got to be the biggest thing for me. I can't focus without it. I'm the swirl who constantly goes after what's shiny or what's that noise? No over there! What's that? Music helps me tune my thinking process to what I'm working on. Bonus points if the music fits the genre of story I'm writing. When the music fits the genre, my imagination just feeds off of it. Inspiration strikes and images flash through my head. It's absolutely beautiful. Moments like that with music playing, I let my imagination run free.

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